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Read information about toxic mold and why it is a health risk.

Example of toxic black mold contamination problem.You need to learn about mold! Our website includes the resources to help consumers learn about this ever increasing health risk.

Our mold inspection and testing company was created out of a need in the Atlanta community for an independent, thorough and honest mold inspection and mold testing company. As part of our commitment to the public we have developed pages to educate consumers about mold. On our website you can access information ranging from symptoms of exposure to toxic mold and how to control mold to how to eliminate mold problems. Mold contamination can cause you health problems, legal problems and liability issues. Take time to learn about mold!

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For additional information about mold you may also be interested in visiting these websites:

Center For Disease Control (CDC Website)
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SafeAir Certified Mold Inspection, Inc. services the entire state of Georgia.

All of our mold inspectors are certified CMI and CMIA through the renowned Environmental Solutions Association. If you suspect you have a mold contamination problem we encourage you to contact us. You can speak to a mold testing expert to learn about mold detection and remediation options.