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Clearance Testing

Clearance Testing

Post-Remediation Clearance Testing
Besides preliminary air quality testing to determine if mold is present, it is equally as important to retest after any mold remediation work is performed to remove the mold.
It is critical to confirm that the mold remediation was performed properly and contained so it did not impact other areas of the building. If a real estate transaction is involved, the buyer will want documentation that the mold problem has been completely resolved.
Besides visual inspection of the remediated area, mold clearance testing should also include taking and testing air samples. If the air samples indicate the mold remediation was unsuccessful, you will need to consult with the mold remediator about the possible causes noted during the visual inspection. The remediator will then need to perform additional mold remediation cleaning.
It is advisable to call SafeAir Certified Mold Inspection for post-remediation clearance testing. We do not sell or perform any mold remediation services. We feel it is absolutely a conflict of interest for a mold remediation company to also perform the final post-remediation testing. With our independent and impartial mold testing, we can offer our clients assurance and peace of mind that their mold problems have indeed been eliminated.