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Benefits of SafeAir Reports

Benefits of SafeAir Reports

As an accredited mold inspection service, SafeAir Certified Mold Inspection Inc. serves the entire Atlanta metropolitan area, performing detailed inspections on both commercial and residential properties.  By focusing our expertise, and confining our business to air testing and mold detection, we have no conflict of interest with remediation operations.  We offer thorough inspections and honest information on both toxic and non-toxic mold as it relates to your health and property. Those benefiting from our comprehensive and reliable services are…
  • You and your family. By locating, identifying, and reporting on any mold found in your home, we give you the necessary information to ensure the proper steps are taken to correct any problems that we find. The information provided will assist you in alleviating any suffering you or your family has experienced from the symptoms caused by high spore counts. Symptoms such as, sinus infections, asthma, headaches, dizziness, or other health issues.
  • Physicians. Our services are the perfect follow-up on doctors’ orders for their allergy patients to have their homes and workplaces inspected for mold that could be the cause of their health complaints.
  • Owners of new homes. During the construction of new homes, leaks can happen, caused by various building activities, such as the installation of a roof during a rainy period.  Any resulting mold would be the builder’s responsibility.  We provide documentation of the builder’s involvement.
  • BuildersSafeAir investigations can help diagnose mold problems in new homes, and we provide builders with written instructions for clean up before it gets worse.
  • Property and facility managers. We also aid building managers in finding a mold problem early on so they can get it cleaned up before major remediation work has to be done.
  • We have conducted mold inspections on the advice of clients’ attorneys who felt a mold problem was the responsibility of others.  We provide our legal clients with easy-to-understand and legally defensible documentation on the cause and severity of the mold.
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