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Archives: FAQ

How do you test for mold?

Testing for mold can be useful in some cases, but determining the appropriate actions to be taken to control mold growth should be based primarily on a visual assessment from a certified inspector. Identifying water damage and moisture is the most vital part of an inspection. Learn More Here

When is mold considered toxic?

“Toxic mold” can be very misleading. Mold produces mycotoxins some mycotoxins are used in antibiotics, penicillin for example, but others can harmful to humans in large concentrations or to those who suffer from a mold allergy. Learn More Here

How can mold affect me?

There are a number of various health effects that are associated with exposure to toxic mold, symptoms include allergic reactions, eye and respiratory irritation, infection and toxicity. Approximately 10% of the population is allergic to at least one type of mold. If you experience health symptoms, you should contact your primary care physician. Learn More …

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