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Mold Inspection Services

Mold Inspection Services
A visual inspection is the most important initial step in discovering a mold contamination. SafeAir mold inspectors look for damp or wet conditions, low circulation and humidity in your basement, attic or laundry room and, if you are confronting a real problem, we can recommend the next steps you should make.
How to Fix the Real Problems
The key to mold control is moisture control
A leaky roof, wet clothes, pipe leaks, basement flooding, proximity to a lake or a river, high indoor humidity, construction defects and many other factors, sometimes out of our reach, lead to mold. More important than actually seeing the mold in your house is the extent, type, species, and genus of fungi you are dealing with.
For example, allergenic mold affects only some people, mold types containing mycotoxins are the most serious type that can affect anyone, which can even lead to cancer. Our company was especially created to provide mold information, inspection, solutions and help.
We require pre-inspection information to determine the level of risk for toxic mold, when we ask you questions about the building, its materials and main characteristic, the occupants and the surroundings.
Also, you can tell our specialists what your concerns are once your questions are addressed and schedule and appointment to visit the building.
What You Need
Although we have a variety of diagnostic equipment, our primary tool in finding mold growth is simply our eyes. Your property will be thoroughly inspected for visible microbial growth in all areas where environmental samples are requested to be collected. We inspect for water intrusion, mold growth, and other areas of concern.
Mold requires moisture to develop, we will identify the areas with elevated moisture. Digital hygrometers and precision moisture detection devices will be used to assist us in this investigation. This is also the moment when, if needed, we will take the samples for further laboratory analysis.
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Call us for a professional inspection. All our SafeAir Certified mold Inspectors are (CMI) and (CMA) certified through the Environmental Solutions Association, the industry leader for certification for the mold testing and inspection industry. We will be prompt, on time, and we will take into consideration all your sugestions, offering quality analysis and solution.
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