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Mold spores everywhere, so how can air quality testing for mold spores be helpful?

Mold spores are just about everywhere, they are in the outdoors in high numbers and they find their way indoors through ventilation systems as well as through doors and windows. Air quality testing and other mold tests are tools, sometimes, needed to identify a mold problem as well as the extent of a mold problem and are used to identify mold spores that originate from inside the home.

When there is a mold problem indoors, the mold colony will release mold spores. An air quality test called a spore trap analysis can be beneficial in determining areas that need to be cleaned and areas that do not need to be cleaned. The ultimate goal in removing a mold problem properly is to remove the source of the indoor mold growth and the mold spores that were released from the indoor mold colony. Air quality testing can provide useful information in this regard both before and after cleaning.

The types and concentration contained in the indoor air as compared to the outdoor air can provide information about the type(s) of mold spores present in the air as well as the concentrations and other statistical data. Oftentimes, mold spores that originate from inside a home are of a different type and species than that which is found in the outdoors.

It is important to remove both mold and mold spores during the cleaning process. The genus and species of mold spores that originate from inside a home can oftentimes be a contributor to respiratory problems as well as other health problems. Many of the genus types and species of mold that grow indoors can be of the allergenic and toxic variety.

Call SafeAir Certified Mold inspection for air quality testing as well as any other environmental samples you require in regard to your specific mold problem. We will be happy to help develop a sampling plan that will help determine specific questions you may need to eliminate your mold problem.

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