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What Does Mold Smell Like?

Hi, I’m Jeremy Shelton with SafeAir Certified Mold Inspection and I am a Certified Microbial Consultant. You can find me on the web at You can also call me at 404-695-0673.

Many people ask me; What does mold smell like?

Mold most often has a musty odor, much like the smell in a damp basement or that musty smell that is produced when you leave clothes in the washing machine for a couple of days.

What Causes Musty Odors?

The musty odor associated with mold is most often the VOC gas that is produced by a liquid enzyme that mold excretes.

In additional to a musty odor, mold has been described as having an earthy smell, damp socks smell, rotten lumber smell, sweet small, and pungent smell.

A lot of the variety of smells associated with mold, is most often associated with the rotten, water damaged building material the the mold is digesting.

Rotten building material can produce a variety of smells depending on what building material is being degraded. The more water damage is present, the stronger the smell will be.

Do I really smell mold?

A lot of the time, mold does not have any odor at all. Mold spores have no odor.

If you do smell mold indoors, it is an indication that there is mold somewhere indoors and it should be investigated.

If you smell mold, call SafeAir Certified Mold Inspection for all of your mold testing and mold inspection needs. We can diagnose the problem and give you some advice.

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