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Moisture in The Air Can Cause Mold In Your Home

Roswell , Georgia – Mold testing and mold inspection services are available through SafeAir Certified Mold Inspection. If you are reading this article, you are probably concerned about a mold problem in your home. Perhaps you smell a musty odor, have some dark fuzzy patches growing on your ceiling, or perhaps someone in your home has asthma. As you probably know, mold problems are inevitable when there is a high level of moisture in the air inside a home. Often times, the source of excess moisture in the air is not as obvious as is the case with flooding or a plumbing leak. I often encounter situations where the source of moisture is directly related to the occupants in the home and their activities. Visit our Roswell, GA Mold Inspection Service Page

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We have set up our web site to tell you about SafeAir’s services, and to provide you with valuable and detailed information on mold – what it is, the damage it can do to your property, potential scams to watch out for, and the harm it can do to your health.

The negative health consequences of exposure to certain types of mold are not a new phenomenon. The need and method to deal with it has changed very little in the last 3,500 years. We still must fix the source of moisture and remove the mold and items contaminated with its seed like spores for conditions to improve. In recent times, our capabilities to identify invisible toxic spores and the procedures we know to take in order to remove it have improved tremendously.

Immediate health effects can possibly show up after a single exposure to a large dose of mold or after many repeated exposures. Symptoms include irritated eyes, runny nose, sore throat, unexplained headaches, and fatigue. Immediate health effects are usually short-term and treatable. Often times the solution to remedy the health problems being experienced is to eliminate the source of the mold or for the person to leave the contaminated environment.

The probability of immediate adverse reactions to indoor mold is dependent on several factors. The persons age and if there are any preexisting medical conditions such as asthma are two important influences. Those with weak immune systems such as infants and the elderly are at most risk. In certain cases, whether a person reacts to a moldy environment depends on the sensitivity of the individual, which varies tremendously from person to person. Women who are pregnant as well as diabetics are also more susceptible to pathogenic molds.

The immediate health effects of mold exposure are similar to the symptoms experienced when one has a cold or other respiratory disease, so it is often times difficult to determine if the symptoms are a result of exposure to mold. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the place and time the health symptoms occur. If the health symptoms decrease or stop completely when a person is away from the home and re-appear when the person returns, every effort needs to be made to identify indoor air sources that could be the potential cause. Certain health effects can be made worse by an inadequate supply of fresh outdoor air or from humid conditions that exist in the home.

It is estimated that we Americans spend 90% of our lives indoors. Indoor air pollution is a contributing factor in many health problems that go undetected. Unless you are aware of the symptoms of exposure to mold and test your environment for the presence of microbial growth, you may never know the cause of unexplained sickness that could be associated with your environment. Long-term health effects usually show up years after exposure has occurred or after long or repeated periods of exposure in small doses. It is critical to try to improve the air in your home, even if symptoms are not noticeable.

SafeAir Certified Mold Inspection serves Roswell, Georgia as well as the entire state of Georgia. We pride ourselves on being an outstanding independent mold testing and mold-inspection only service. In this regard, we do not perform mold cleanup services or recommend third parties for mold cleanup services because we believe this is a conflict of interest. We best serve our clients by remaining neutral and independent. We do provide the resources for you to find certified mold cleanup companies in your area upon request. If you have unexplained respiratory conditions or other symptoms that are commonly related to mold exposure, you should investigate the indoor air you breathe. Call us for a free consultation or to schedule an appointment if you know or believe you have a mold problem.

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